Virtual Digi becomes the 3rd product to ship with pre-built virtual sets designed by April Broadcast


Virtual Digi from DTeleSat Inc, becomes the 3rd product to ship with green screen Virtual Sets designed by April Broadcast.

The Virtual Digi is an SDI multi-camera, trackless virtual studio production solution – with path-breaking features like:

  • Support for up to 5 Live HD cameras
  • Chroma-key for up to 3 Live sources
  • Recording in multiple industry-standard formats
  • Streaming in 1080i & 720p
  • Transitions between virtual cameras & video sources
  • Inserting animated GIFs
  • Scrolling tickers in multiple languages simultaneously
  • Supporting embedded audio in input/output

Currently three different variants are being offered by DTeleSat:

  • Virtual Digi 2
  • Virtual Digi 3
  • Virtual Digi 5

All versions are shipping with pre-built green screen virtual sets designed by April Broadcast.

Virtual sets designed by April Broadcast are already shipping with NewTek’s TriCaster and DTeleSat’s Virtual Classic.


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