video Virtual Studio Technology for Education

This video brings out why Education institutes (Universities, Colleges, Schools) should seriously contemplate setting up in-house Virtual Studio production units.

They can leverage affordable Information and Communication Technology and participate in the fast-growing education segment.

Virtual Classic from DTeleSat is an easy-to-use, Windows-PC based virtual studio solution with advanced Chroma Key technology.

This, along with realistic looking Virtual Sets from April Broadcast, a small Green Screen wall/studio, a few studio lights and a Camera with an HDMI output – is all that is required to churn out professional-looking content and programs.

Educational Institutes can widen their horizons and reach out to many more students in the most cost-effective manner. They can:
> Start new Online Courses – stream lectures live
> Create Course Material or Tutorials – Online or on DVDs
> Train students to use Media technology
> Encourage students to produce Multimedia Content
> Interview experts and dignitaries
> Run an in-house InfoChannel
> Conduct web-based discussions

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