AB-Live integrates Skype Video chat with Virtual Studio!

AB-Live integrates Green Screen Virtual Studio with incoming Microsoft Skype Video

AB-Live™ now allows you to integrate your Virtual Studio environment with Microsoft’s popular Skype Video Messenger – takes your distance learning and online courses to the next level.

For those institutions and organizations that are looking to make their online presence more interactive, here is what AB-Live™ can do for you.

The online anchor (or host, or lecturer) can now receive Skype video calls on her Skype account and this can be routed through the AB-Live™ video production system into the virtual plasma.

This final mixed image (green screen anchor + virtual set + incoming Skype video + logo + ticker) will then be streamed out, back to the online audience.

As a result, the entire online audience can get to see and hear the (live) interaction between the incoming online participant and the anchor.

Two-way interaction between online participants and host helps both get the maximum out of the teaching/training.

AB-Live™ will also Broadcast this as well as record this for future archive/retrieval.

Watch a brief introduction of AB-Live™, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yce33gSdn9k


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