AB-Live does Live Streaming of The Indian Networker’s 1st Anniversary Event



The Indian Networker is one of the the leading business and entrepreneurship networking forums in Mumbai, India. It is a confluence of a number of varied networking groups like Rotary India, Google Business Groups, The Giants International, TiE, etc.

It celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 19th September 2014 and wanted to do a live stream of its Anniversary Event over the Internet. For this they contacted April Broadcast Pvt Ltd and requested to use the latest AB-Live Video Production system.

AB-Live did the live video production and live stream by mixing multiple inputs in real time: 2 video camera inputs, recorded video clips, graphics, photographs, animated gifs, static logos, titles, 2 bottom-screen crawls, etc.

The highlight of the event was integration with Twitter – as any tweet was posted by or had a mention of the official handle @indnw this would show up on screen and also be streamed back out. This enhanced the experience, both, inside the auditorium as well as on the internet.

The output was projected on to a projector screen at the event, was streamed live via YouTube and also recorded simultaneously for editing and archival.


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