Motion Graphics now available on

The portal is known primarily for its 3D and 2D virtual studio sets (green screen backgrounds) which can be used along with industry leading solutions like NewTek TriCaster, VizRT, Ross and many others.

Now, in addition to virtual sets, April Broadcast introduces Motion Background Graphics – which form an integral part of any high gloss television or video production.

Entertainment No 2 - Motion Background file from April Broadcast
Entertainment No 2 – Motion Background file from April Broadcast

These have been carefully crafted to take your high definition video production to the next level, in the fastest and most economical manner.

April Broadcast Motion Background Graphics can be used from within various software programs and virtual studio solutions.

Users can browse through the many different motion backgrounds available in high definition and select the one(s) that make their project cross the finish line, looking great and yet, staying within the budget.

The motion backgrounds on our website are in the popular Quicktime (.mov) format and can be used within any video editor capable of chroma keying the video, including Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements, Sony Vegas, Grass Valley Edius and many more.

These video backgrounds are seamlessly loopable. Mixing live green screen video with virtual sets gives the audience the appearance that the program host is sitting (or standing) inside that environment.

These are animated backgrounds for your video or multimedia projects can be used for a large variety of video or web projects, Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, live performances and more.


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