AriseTX – The 1st editable moving timeline for editing wedding videos

AriseTX from April BroadcastA search on YouTube for “Indian wedding” will give you over 4 million results and after viewing a few of them you’d probably know that these are nothing short of a Bollywood production!

It is therefore understandable that the Indian wedding video editor needs to have the best tools that he or she can get his/her hands on.

Speed, however, is of the essence as a wedding videographer would get paid for his/her services only AFTER the final delivery of the wedding video, to the bridal couple.

Online editing systems offer this compelling advantage – of a faster delivery – but have traditionally involved expensive hardware video input cards which would not only capture and playback the videos, but also apply real time ‘effects’ (Transitions/Wipes/Filters) to the sequential (linear) video.

AriseTX is India’s (and probably, the world’s) 1st software only, online editing solution developed by April Broadcast.

Now wedding video editors can.. Mix Online with a Timeline!

For the 1st time ever, wedding video editors will be able to see their video sequence clips in an editable, moving timeline! As soon as the video footage clips are loaded, they instantly fall into a sequence on the moving timeline.

AriseTX automatically applies a Dissolve transition between each clip, so that editors can have a quick final sequence of their video.

Transitions can be applied on the fly and in real time. Audio clips can be loaded and sequenced with an Automatic Cross-Fade. There are many other time saving features like colour correction, colour filter, Black and White, Strobe, Animated graphics overlay – all in real time, with the flick of a switch!

AriseTX requires NO SEPARATE video Input/Output card for the edit! This brings down the investment, making it more affordable to wedding video editors.

All of these innovative features have been copyrighted by April Broadcast.

See an introductory demo clip here (the YouTube video opens in a separate window).

For more information please email


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