Video Production & Live Streaming Software – Dealers wanted

ABLive Video Production & Live Streaming Software

At April Broadcast, we provide building blocks of video technology that make it easy for Educational Institutions, Professors, Live Event Organizers, Video Bloggers, Television Producers and Video Editors to Create, Mix, Brand, Stream and Record amazing-looking video content.

Over the past year, we have thoroughly tested our ‪‎ABLive software across a range of live video production applications.

ABLive is capable of mixing up to 16 layers of video and graphics in real time, while simultaneously recording the output, broadcasting (or displaying) it as well as live streaming it.

We are now looking for organizations (and individuals) around the world, who would be able to sell this to Live Event Organizers, Educational Institutions and Television Production studios.

While we will provide the software and content, we are expecting local re-sellers (or system integrators) to put together a complete solution for the final end-user.

ABLive uses trackless camera technology and supports 2D and 3D virtual sets and green screen backgrounds. It comes pre-loaded with up to 40 FREE 2D/3D virtual sets.

ABLive runs on a Windows PC and requires hardware & video cards that are (most likely) available locally, around the world – or which can be sourced directly – making servicing of local customers, relatively simpler.

If you believe that this is a good opportunity for you, please write to me directly:

These videos will give you a fair idea of ABLive’s capabilities:
1. ABLive Feature overview:
2. Support for 3D virtual sets:
3. Live Event with Skype video integration:
4. Live Event with Google Hangout video integration:


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