A Do-it-Yourself Broadcast Style “TV” Channel

Each of us is a ‘content’ creator

We all have our own unique:
> Stories – to tell;
> Photos and videos – to show;
> Updates and perspectives – to share;
> Learnings – to teach

All this, in our own signature style, almost making it our Brand and worthy of having it Broadcast on our own Television channel (or streamed on the web, if you choose!) And, hey, why not??

The proliferation and mass-adoption of content sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, etc. just goes to show that each of us, is now, already, a ‘Creator of Content’!

Well, we already HAVE the Content – so that’s one HUGE item off the checklist on the road to having our Channel. Now all that we need to do is figure out how to put it all together – our own videos, the pre-recorded clips, the PowerPoint slides, the logos, the bottom screen tickers, the time-stamp … and then get it out in front of the audience… all by ourselves! Yep, easier said than done!

Until now!!

Say Hello to ABStream™  Elite (pronounced A-B-Stream) – a unique Do-it-Yourself video presentation and live streaming service that allows you to mix and switch between live video (webcam or USB cam), PowerPoint slides or pre-recorded video clips, add logos and tickers, record the final program AND stream it out to a customized page!

All of this while you’re LIVE!
From your laptop, or desktop!
For a small monthly subscription fee!
And all on your own (yes, yes, I know… that’s what Do-it-Yourself means!)
You can add up to 8 different layers on screen and switch between 10 different layouts! You can also customize the streaming page and give it your own flavor.


You can record and stream, live – or you can record and save it for later, or you can do both!

With a simple, yet powerful interface, you get to call the shots and run the program, yourself!


Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to www.abstream.tv and download #ABStream™ Elite

From Content Creation to Content Delivery – this is the one service you will need, to have your own unique video channel – right from the comfort of your own home (or office!)


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