The world is getting smaller. Closer. More connected.
Technology has changed things for us. Forever.
Audiences prefer to watch programs Online. On the move.
Teaching has moved out of the classroom. At home.
Live Events need online audience participation. Via Social Media.
It’s no longer just about entertainment. It’s now about ENGAGEMENT.

Introducing ABLive™
Key. Switch. Mix. Record. Stream

A single unit for video mixing, graphics, playback, recording & live streaming.
Use live cameras, green screen cameras, recorded videos & slideshow presentations.
Add brand logos, animated GIFs, titles & bottom-screen tickers.
Make your video programs & live events, truly interactive and engaging.
With Skype™ & Hangouts video chats, bring online audiences inside your YouTube™ stream.
Integrate Social Media feedback via Twitter or SMS.
Stream it. Record it. Broadcast it. Live.In REAL TIME… and with just ONE PC !!

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